Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   What is the difference between a mil_spec and commercial stock tube?

A:   Mil-Spec tubes have a slightly smaller diameter. A commercial tube will have an outside diameter of 1.168 inches while the mil-spec tube will have an outside diameter of 1.148 inches. It may not seem like a very big difference, but a commercial stock may seem loose on a mil-spec tube and a mil-spec stock can be very tight on a commercial tube.


Q:   What does carbine, mid-length and rifle length mean when choosing a barrel?

 A:   It simply means where the gas port in the barrel is placed. It is also sometimes referred to as the “gas-system”. Carbine and mid-length gas systems tend to be on barrels of 16-18 inches and shorter, while barrels with a length of 20 inches and longer will have a rifle length gas system.

It is important to know what length gas system your barrel has because the gas tube you purchase will need to be the right length in order to fit properly. For example, you cannot fit a carbine length gas tube onto a barrel with a rifle length gas system. The gas tube will be too short.

Q:   Can I buy all the parts online and have them shipped to my home?

 A:    Yes and no. All of the components for your AR-15 build can be shipped directly to you at your home except the lower receiver. The AR-15 lower receiver is the only component that is considered the “gun”. Therefore, when purchasing a lower receiver for your AR-15 build, you will have to go through the same channels as when purchasing a firearm in your state.

 Q:   What is the difference between a forged lower receiver and a billet lower receiver?

 A:   With a forged lower receiver, the metal is “smashed” into the desired form while it is red hot. This compresses the metal and makes it very strong.

Billet lower receivers are machined from a single block of metal and tend to have a more custom, aesthetically pleasing appearance to some. It also tends to have the trigger guard built in, meaning it is not removable.  Billet lowers may not have quite the tolerance than forged lowers, but by no means are they to be considered “weak.”

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